Loch Lomond Steamship Company

The last build paddle steamer in Britain sitting on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

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With the uncertainty of COVID we have decided to take this opportunity to take the ship out of the water as soon as the new carriage has been completed. This will allow us to complete a survey and repairs as required to the hull. This means we will not be able to welcome you to the ship at the pier for the rest of 2021.

All is not lost! We do hope to have some events on the pier and those of you who hold a season ticket we have extended these to include 2022. More information will become available over the coming weeks and we apologies if this is disappointing but in the long run it means we get closer to getting the Maid sailing again!

Assembled in the Glasgow shipyard of A&J Inglis, the Paddle Steamer Maid of the Loch was first of all bolted together and then taken apart, transported to her new home in Balloch on rail wagons and reassembled on the Balloch Slipway before her launch into the sparkling waters of Loch Lomond on Thursday 5th March 1953.

Licensed to carry 1,000 passengers, she was the largest paddle steamer to sail on Loch Lomond and was host to royal guests and celebrities as well as three million day-trippers during her 28 years on the water. Many of these people have very cherished memories of sailing on the Maid and many more know of the ship by hearing about these memories from older friends and relatives. Dates, engagements, weddings and wakes – the Maid has hosted them all!

After receiving £950,000 from the Scottish Government, the ship now has two fully restored and beautiful event rooms. Each with new windows, heating and insulation making these rooms perfect for hire all year round. We were also successful in getting the engines turning the for the first time in 39 years!

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Address: The Pier, Pier Road, Balloch G83 8QX
Tel: 01389 711865

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