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Acorn Writing Retreats at The Oak Tree Inn

The Oak Tree Inn, Balmaha, Loch Lomond G63 0JQ.
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Acorn Writing Retreats at The Oak Tree Inn

December 10, 2024 – December 13, 2024

The Oak Tree Inn, Loch Lomond

Tucked away in Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes, The Oak Tree Inn warmly welcomes you to Acorn Writing Retreats, where your small ideas can grow into mighty ambitions! As a fellow writer, I know that finding the perfect space to focus can be a game-changer. That’s precisely why Acorn Writing Retreats was created – to offer more than just a getaway, but transformative experiences designed for writers seeking to make substantial progress in their projects, find inspiration, and connect with a community of link-minded individuals.

If you find yourself struggling with writer’s block, eager to embark on a fresh endeavor, or in the midst of completing an existing project, our retreats are designed to support your writing goals. Acorn Writing Retreats are a sanctuary for writers of every persuasion: the academics crafting their next publication, the postgraduates immersed in their theses, the dreamers weaving narratives for their novels, or individuals requiring dedicated time to focus on substantial projects. Each retreat is tailored to your unique journey, helping you to achieve the writing success you’re striving for.

Structured for Success

Every aspect of Acorn Writing Retreats is thoughtfully designed to boost your writing potential. Our retreats draw inspiration from Professor Rowena Murray’s renowned writing retreats, usually spanning three to four days, often ending before the weekend. The schedule is tailored to suit the dynamics of each group and to take advantage of good weather, ensuring ample time for outdoor exploration and inspiration.

Each day is structured with concentrated writing sessions, spanning 60 to 90 minutes, interspersed with moments for relaxation and networking. In these sessions, an atmosphere of collective silence is maintained, creating an ideal environment for heightened focus and productivity. This setting allows each writer to focus on their own writing projects, fostering a shared space of inspiration and productivity.

For retreats lasting four days between April to October, there is the opportunity for a boat trip to the picturesque island of Inchcailloch, complete with a scenic picnic. This special addition is contingent on weather conditions and is typically confirmed in the week leading up the retreat.

An Exceptional Venue

The Oak Tree Inn stands apart as a retreat destination that transcends the ordinary. Boasting multiple awards, it is renowned for its innate charm, distinctive character, and exceptionally warm hospitality. Set against a breathtaking backdrop of natural beauty beside Loch Lomond, it is the perfect place for your writing endeavours.

Imagine yourself immersed in productivity within the cosy writing rooms, or unwinding in the serene bedrooms that cocoon you in comfort. The quaint bar and dining area serve as delightful spaces where you can savour exquisite meals and network with fellow writers. Every nook and cranny of The Oak Tree Inn truly radiates an inviting ambiance that fosters inspiration.

To ensure your productivity thrives, your comfort is prioritised above all else. A range of accommodation optionsare available to suit every preference. Choose from the single occupancy bedrooms, experience the uniqueness of on-site pods, or settle into the homely charm of nearby cottages. For an added touch of luxury, upgrade to Superior pods or bedrooms to make your retreat not just productive, but indulgently comfortable.

Guided with Insight & Empathy 

As an experienced facilitator, it’s my privilege to guide you through Acorn Writing Retreats. Drawing upon the effective techniques of Professor Rowena Murray, I strive to create an environment that enhances your writing experience. Currently finalising my PhD in transnational student engagement at Heriot-Watt University, I bring a blend of academic insight and genuine passion for writing and supporting fellow writers in their endeavours.

My commitment to fostering growth and overcoming challenges extends beyond academia. Having recently completed a year-long counselling course accredited by COSCA (Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland), I am able to offer a compassionate ear and tailored guidance, helping you navigate and overcome any writing hurdles you may face during the retreat.

I’m also excited to share that Professor Rowena Murray, my esteemed mentor and a renowned guru in the world of writing, will be co-facilitating some of our upcoming retreats, including those in February and March. Her expert advice and practical guidance are truly transformative, offering you the tools to propel you towards achieving your writing goals.

Rowena’s distinguished career is marked by prestigious fellowships and significant contributions to academic writing. Her experience as Associate Dean at the University of Strathclyde and as a Professor in Education at the University of the West of Scotland, along with her current role as a freelance consultant, brings invaluable insights to our retreats.

Pricing & Reservations

The cost of our retreats varies, reflecting the length of your stay and the season. We offer both three-day and four-day options. Each standard all-inclusive package includes all meals, refreshments, and comfortable single occupancy bedrooms with private en-suite facilities. 

Find out more by visiting: Acorn Writing Retreats

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