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Sunday, April 5th 2015

Luss Highland Raid Re-Enactment

12:00 - 17:00

The Highland Raid on the Lennox (A re-enactment and living history set in the mid 17th century covering the Royalist raids and their use of highlanders when raiding the Lennox) will take place on Sunday 5th April in the village of Luss.

Groups will travel from far and wide to join the Earl of Loudon’s Re-enactment Group for this event. 

The full re-enactment will take place on Sunday 5th April but the re-enactors will be in evidence in the village from Friday onwards and some shops and businesses will be dressing in  17th century costume for the weekend.

There will be a craft fair and other entertainment.

For more details and accurate event timings please contact The Clan Museum: Clan Colquhoun Heritage and Visitor Centre on 0143 686 0874.