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Saturday, November 25th 2017 - Sunday, November 26th 2017

Cove and Kilcreggan Book Festival 2017

10:00 - 18:00


The Children’s Festival on Saturday morning will be chaired by Janet Smyth who programmes the Edinburgh children’s events.

10.30am: Mairi Hedderwick will open

12.00pm: Kim Geyer who writes and illustrates books for toddlers 

2.00pm: Melanie Reid opens the afternoon session - she’s an award winning Sunday Times columnist who collaborated with Gregor Fisher on the memoir about his hunt for his  origins.  

3.30pm: Chris Brookmyre who is always very popular at book festivals.  He will be chaired by David Robinson, erstwhile Literary editor of The Scotsman.

In the evening we will have a longer session with Liz Lochhead whom will be chaired by Beth MacLeod.


Sunday morning will be a later start to accommodate the God squad.

11.30am: Jan Patience the art critic and Louise Wylie will be talking about their book on Louise’s father, the late George Wylie, who came from Gourock 

2.00pm: In the afternoon we will have Alistair Moffat and his new history of Scotland 

3.30pm: Muriel Gray