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Fight for Scotland's Natural Beauty Summit to be held in Stirling

The Scottish Campaign for National Parks has organised an important summit in Stirling on the case for protecting and enhancing the special natural beauty of Scotland’s landscapes with some of the UK’s leading experts on the subject due to speak.

This event is being held in Stirling on Friday 17 March 2017 and is timely as it is taking place during Scottish Tourism Week when there will be a focus on Scotland’s largest and most important industry.

Tourism continues to be heavily dependent on the wild, dramatic and breathtaking beauty of the Scottish landscape with nine out of ten visitors citing scenery as an important factor when choosing Scotland as a holiday destination.

Recent VisitScotland research also confirms the wild beauty of Scotland helps the country stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive and crowded market place.

Conservationist and campaigner Dame Fiona Reynolds, the author of the thought provoking book entitled ‘’The Fight for Beauty’’ and former Director General of the National Trust, will set the scene with a passionate and persuasive case for the power of beauty and the need to fight hard to keep certain places and values intact.

Peter Ogden, Director of Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales, will talk about the challenges facing landscape conservation efforts and ways of balancing sustainable development aims with the protection of the landscape.

John Mayhew, Director of the Association of Protection for Rural Scotland will speak up for Scotland’s natural assets and make a robust case for landscape care as part of ensuring the country has a bright and prosperous future.

Ross Anderson, Chairman of the Scottish Campaign for National Parks said: “Given the growing threats to protecting Scotland’s outstanding natural beauty and current national reviews of planning and guidance on landscape designations we are keen to ensure there is greater awareness and understanding of the important contribution Scotland’s landscapes make to the social and economic well-being of the country and the need for bolder actions to be taken to protect them for current and future generations.’’

He added: “This summit provides a useful platform to discuss different aspects of this important topic and to help shape future actions to fight for the protection of Scotland’s natural beauty. I would encourage anyone with an interest in this to come along to our conference and make a positive contribution to the debate.”

The event is being held in the Smith Art Gallery & Museum, Dumbarton Road, Stirling between 10.00am and 3.45pm on Friday 17 March.

A buffet lunch will be available as part of the £15 conference fee.

Places can be reserved by contacting Ross Anderson at or by calling 01505 842 610.

More information

The Smith Art Gallery & Museum is situated on Dumbarton Road, Stirling, within walking distance of the railway and bus stations. Off-road free parking is available beside the building.

A buffet lunch will be provided for those booking within the overall conference cost of £15.00 per head. Coffee and tea will be provided at all breaks. In addition the Gallery & Museum has its own small café but with limited seating.

Scottish Campaign for National Parks promotes the protection, enhancement and enjoyment of National Parks, potential National Parks and other nationally outstanding areas worthy of special protection. SCNP is a registered Scottish charity, No SC031008.

Keynote speaker Dame Fiona Reynolds is author of a stirring book, The Fight for Beauty; Master, Emmanuel College, Cambridge; former Director General, National Trust; and Director of Council for National Parks. 

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