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Walk for Whales at SEA LIFE Loch Lomond Sunday 30th June

Join Whale and Dolphin Conservation & Loch Lomond SEA LIFE's annual Walk for Whales on Sunday 30th June 2013 at 11am.

Meet at SEA LIFE Loch Lomond at 11am and after a five mile sponsored walk you can enjoy a free visit to the SEA LIFE centre.

This walk is suitable for families of all ages and all abilities and will take you around the beautiful scenery right here on our doorstep, including Balloch Park.

Guests are encouraged to make their own posters to bring along to the walk to promote the WDC walk (Whale and Dolphin Conservation).

The aim of the walk is to help Sea Life Loch Lomond to create a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.

The money raised from the walk will help bring an end to whaling and make sure that whale meat doesn't end up on restaurant tables. Despite the worldwide whaling ban some countries continue to hunt whales and this year it was discovered being served up in restaurants in Greenland, in a cocktail bar in London and a shop in Copenhagen.

For more information please visit or 'Like' the SEA LIFE Loch Lomond Facebook page.


Notes for editors:

WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation (formerly WDCS) is the leading global charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins. We defend these remarkable creatures against the many threats they face through campaigns, lobbying, advising governments, conservation projects, field research and rescue. Our vision is a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free. More info at



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