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New TV Cooking Competition Seeks Amateur Cooking Couples in Scotland

Are you passionate about cooking great food?

Do you have a friend or partner who shares your enthusiasm for entertaining and cooking up a storm in the kitchen?

Boundless Productions, the production company behind The Apprentice, are on the hunt for the best amateur cooking couples from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales for a new Sky One series.

If selected, each amateur cooking team will be asked to showcase their cooking and entertaining skills in front of some of the country's top professional chefs.

The company is looking for REAL homemade food, cooked by REAL people with REAL passion.

Whether you're siblings, work colleagues, life-long friends or romantically involved the production company is looking for couples who share a history and the ability to serve up some exceptional food.

If you think you and your cooking partner has what it takes to represent your region in the UK and Ireland's ultimate cooking test Boundless Productions would love to hear from you.

Please contact:

Jake on 0207 861 8215 or

Fiona on 0207 861 8202 or

Joe on 0207 861 8248 or



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