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Guided Loch Lomond Fishing Trips with The Lomond Angler

If your passion is fishing on Loch Lomond, whether a beginner or seasoned angler, experienced angler and fishing trip guide, John Bell, will surely be able to assist. 

Visitors to the area needn’t worry about bringing all the equipment with them for a fishing trip as John’s business, The Lomond Angler, provides the kit including boat, permit, rods, tackle and life jackets.  All visitors need bring is warm and waterproof clothing and a positive attitude!

John says: “The Lomond system provides some of the best game and fly-fishing available in the UK with day, weekly and season tickets available. With the salmon and trout fishing season on the Lomond System opening in February until October each year, and some fantastic sea trout fishing on the fly, wading out on the rivers and in the Clyde Estuary during the summer months, there are plenty of options to choose from.

John continues: “We have the added advantage of being able to offer Loch Lomond luxury self-catering accommodation to guests who want to spend more time exploring and enjoying the area.”

Much of the angling sport takes place around the Loch Lomond islands, particularly with sea trout which are always present in numbers and quality.  Every season sea trout in excess of six pounds come to fly and dap.  However, before embarking on a day on the drifts, one must have a good knowledge of the likely lies and flies.  The ‘Big Loch’ is not the place for the beginner and the services of an experienced ‘ghillie’ or guide are invaluable.

Visiting anglers will be introduced to the island drifts around Inchlonaig, Inchmurrin, Inchmoan, Darroch and Inchcruin.  Loch Lomond is not only famous for sea trout but also for the salmon which rest up on the shores, awaiting spawning time. 

Loch Lomond is connected to the Clyde Estuary by the six mile long River Leven. Every season from March onwards, salmon make their way into the Loch to rest up before returning to the rivers and burns of their birth to spawn.  In the earlier part of the year spring salmon ranging from 10lb to 20lb plus are landed regularly by anglers on the Leven and the Loch.

As if the entire angling experience against the stunning backdrop of Loch Lomond is not enough, the opportunity to spot abundant wildlife is clearly a tremendous bonus.

Ospreys nesting in the surrounding pine forests can often be seen fishing, as well as herons standing at the banks. Otters, wild goats, deer and all manner of wildlife abound.  

John concludes:Loch Lomond and its Bonnie Banks are really a great place to be. Anglers feel privileged just to be part of it and soak up the atmosphere.  They say that a fish is a bonus and although this is certainly the case with the Big Loch, it holds many other bonuses, which we love helping visitors discover for themselves”.

Discover Loch Lomond guided fishing trips with or without accommodation from The Lomond Angler.

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