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First Pancake Race and Bake Off for Village of Luss

The Loch Lomond village of Luss, more accustomed to tossing cabers than crepes, is set to host its own Pancake Race and Bake Off next week, presided over by the Chieftain of one of Scotland’s most ancient clans.

Historic Luss is set to be transformed on Shrove Tuesday (17th February) with iconic Pier Road welcoming pancake ‘tossers’ from near and far.

Representatives from local hotels and restaurants are set to take part and as well as a traditional pancake race – to which all-comers are invited – there will be a Loch Lomond Dash for All Comers, Kilted or Otherwise Dash and Children’s Race.

Look out too for the Luss Pancake Bake Off with chefs and cooks competing in what has been dubbed ‘The Lomond Cordon Bleu Pancake Challenge’.

A spokesperson from the village said: “It’s exciting to be hosting the Pancake Race. It is certainly a first for Luss.  We’re very lucky to have the support from so many people and it should be a fun no matter what the weather.”

The Luss Pancake Race and Bake Off will take place from 10am to 12noon on Tuesday 17th February at Pier Road, Luss, Loch Lomond.

For further information please call 01436 860 874.




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